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Above the underwear, Chyna had a stomach most men would want. It was this photo that officially put Chyna on the map as a babe. But there's more here than you might first think. Now the "Diva," rules most of the WWE's airwaves. Yet, here, in this photo, she is dolled up - the marketable face alongside Triple H. I argue yes, and for more than simply the way she looked.

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She hung with the likes of Bon Jovi and Slip Knot, always finding her moment for a marketable photo.

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Chyna Porn

Chyna was as popular with the crowd as any man was in the Attitude Era, which is amazing. The WWE had majored in the old fashioned approach to the sport. It was WWE that'd give Divas more of a real opportunity. Not only was she and will she forever be the trailblazer who opened the door to women in the world of entertainment wrestling, but a cog, a mainstay, someone who opened the door and remained at the top of her game, a Queen. She sculpted a great set of twins, and had shoulders that balled like sacks of concrete. She was the envy of many ladies, as she had the blend between sexy and empowered female, down pat.

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female wrestler china nude pic
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