Social penetration theory in relationship formation

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This helps the first person to move closer to getting to know the person and how they react to different things. In the following chapters, contributors build upon what both parties already know. Basically, CLalt is determined by "the worst outcome a person will accept and still stay in a relationship. Start with superficial conversations that are neutral and nonthreatening, but demonstrate a willingness to engage in communication. It is possible to have depth without breadth and even breadth without depth. One important is how the couple met. It can be interpreted as an unwillingness to communicate, and may actually discourage interaction.

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An application to social penetration and privacy regulation.

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20. Social Penetration Theory and Relationship Formation in Harry Potter

A lot of these women involve themselves in groups that are solely made up of only lesbians or groups that are only made up of heterosexual women to avoid their true lesbian identity. Disclosure reciprocity can induce positive and satisfactory feelings and drive forward relational development. Since social networking sites are relatively new phenomena, there are not as many studies done about how people disclose information online compared to a one-on-one interaction. It can be seen for them, the cost living without their beloved was too much for either to bear for their relationship. However, if they reply with 'No', then they have received a punishment which in turn would stop them from repeating an action like that in the future. The social penetration theory SPT proposes that, as relationships develop, interpersonal communication moves from relatively shallow, non-intimate levels to deeper, more intimate ones. When individuals know someone at the psychological level, they know him or her so well as to understand how that person differs from the groups he or she belongs to.

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social penetration theory in relationship formation
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social penetration theory in relationship formation
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